We are cooperating with every company who wish their employees look outstanding by wearing uniforms with company logo on it.

We supply complex UNIFORMS, we offer project, logo digitalisation, sampling, finally we providing uniforms for whole team (white and blue collar workers). If company decided for uniforms for all employees, after the first batch of uniforms we are providing additional stock to cover current client’s demands. What is more we offer supply logistic, for chain companies we created special ordering platform to make the whole process as simple as it possible.

We offer uniforms for:

Food industry, Restaurants

Workwear & Industrial

Buisness Apparel, Commercial & Custom Apparel




We offer Commercial & Custom Apparel for promotional campaigns

The fact that we are PRODUCER enable us for personalising our services to the customer’s needs (fabric selection, pattern cutting, sampling, grading, labelling, packing).


We have well-equipped modern embroidery machines, high efficiency and quality is our target. Our production process is flexible, MINIMUM QUANTITY IS NOT REQUIRED.

Usually we embroidery: company logo, website, Employees names, job title, name department etc.

What’s important for embroidery?

Type of product and embroidery position – depends of product (regards to finished product) embroidery position may be limited. There are range of standard embroidery positions:

Logo as a graphic file (Adobe Illustrator file, EPS, PDF, TIFF, PSD, JPEG) may be send via e-mail, base on it our designer digitalize your logo. Client pay for program only once, price depends on embroidery size (quantity of stiches)

Colour Scheme – if your company identity by any specific colours, you can choose thread colour by clicking link below or use Pantone conversion chart. You can also send us your wish colours and we do our best to find the perfect threads.

Embroidery price depends on size (quantity of stiches), logo digitalization, additional services (labelling, packing)


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